My name is Gustav Dahlman. I started studying French in my twenties, and I have since attained a bachelor’s degree in this beautiful language.

Today I work as a part-time teacher in addition to running a couple of websites.

This website includes all the techniques that I have used to learn French grammar. I also run another website in Swedish ( with the same purpose .


Why is a good resource?

I started my language studies on my own. You need good resources if you want to learn something without the help of others, especially when it comes to languages. I am stubborn, and I do not easily give up.

Therefore, this website will not just help you with the grammar but also provide you with important insights to help you overcome your doubts.

You will most likely feel discouraged at times. The French language is difficult to pronounce, and there are many grammatical exceptions.


Do I consider myself an expert in the French language?

No, I don’t. However, I speak fluent French, and I don’t doubt myself when communicating with native speakers.

As I said earlier, the main reason for visiting this website is that I started my studies in my twenties and because I have spent a lot of time searching for the best resources.

The fact that I have a University degree in French has helped me to create solid exercises.

We did many tests during my time in university, and I know which parts of the grammar represent the biggest obstacles for beginners.

Is the grammar presented on this website correct?

Yes, I put a lot of effort into creating articles that are correct.

I can now benefit from the mistakes I made with my Swedish website. Some of the visitors commented on a couple of articles when they saw that something was incorrect.

These mistakes will not appear on this website.

However, I am only human. Minor mistakes can exist. I will probably correct some of the articles over time.

Nonetheless, the fundamentals will always be a reliable source of information. 

Are there any subscriptions or fees?

JoliFrench will always be free of charge. I will never add subscriptions or payment walls. Why?

I do not think that paying to learn a language will get you faster results. You need to be motivated. And when you are motivated, you will find ways to learn.


Can I get help?

Of course. Leave a comment on the articles, and I will answer. I enjoy answering questions as it helps me to understand grammar from different perspectives.

You can also use the contact page if you have questions.