Definite and indefinite articles in French exercises


I have added the partitive articles to give you some context.

However, in this article, we’ll only focus on definite and indefinite articles.


Exercises – With comments


So, this is step one.

We are referring to a mother. It’s a noun in the feminine form. Thus, we can say:

  • C’est la mère: It’s the mother
  • C’est une mère: It’s a mother



We’re still at step one :-).

We are referring to a father. Therefore, we can use le and un.

  • C’est le père: It’s the father
  • C’est un père: It’s a father



We can use les for both genders. Why? Because it’s in the plural form.

Thus, the difference between masculine and feminine nouns is (most of the times) only relevant in the singular form.



It’s the same principle here. We will use des for both masculine and feminine nouns in the plural form.



We will use l’ if the noun begins with a vowel.

The vowels are: A, E, O, U, I and Y.



You should also be careful with the letter H. Sometimes, the letter H is silent. In this case, we’ll look at the letter that comes after H. For instance:

  • C’est l’homme: It’s the man

O is a vowel. Thus, we’ll use l’ instead of le.



Now it becomes a bit more difficult. Earlier, we have mainly focused on feminine and masculine nouns (persons). It’s quite easy to see that:

  • A male, a boy etc.: Noun in the masculine form.
  • A woman, a girl etc.: Noun in the feminine form.

However, every noun in French has a gender. There are some rules that can help you pick the right gender and the right article.

But, according to my experience, you should learn the gender of a word everytime you learn a new word.

I promise you that it will get easier over time. I would never forget the gender of common words once I learn them. For instance:

  • Le livre: The book
  • La baguette: The baguette
  • La chaise: The chair

It’s a bit more difficult with a more advanced vocabulary. However, learning French is not easy, which you probably already know :-).


Exercises – Without comments


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