French Prepositions for Asien Countries


Do you feel overwhelmed by the information in the map and the picture?

The second picture in this article shows you how to use the correct preposition.

However, I can give you even more examples :-):

Let’s say that you are going to Russia. In this case, you would say:

  • Je vais en Russie: I am going to Russia.

We’ll use en because Russia is a feminine country.

We’ll use de to say that we are from countries in the feminine form. For instance:

  • Je viens de Russie: I am from Russia.


Not too difficult, right ?

However, I’ve also added two categories that can be a bit confusing:

  • Sans article masculin
  • Sans article féminin

In this case, we’ll usually treat them as cities.

Let’s say that we are going to Bahrain:

  • Je vais à Bahreïn: I am going to Bahrain.

We’ll use de to say from:

  • Je viens de Bahreïn: I come from Bahrain.


The rules are quite easy to apply in practice. Learning the gender of every country is, however, quite difficult. It’s not something that you will accomplish overnight.

There is a shortcut to learning as many as possible. You can of course study them, but this method is a bit tedious. It’s also quite ineffective in my opinion.

In my opinion, it’s better to watch the news in French regularly. They talk about other countries a lot, and their stories give you a context. The context is very important. Why?

It helps you remember the name of the country and its gender because you can link it to an event, pictures etc.

I’ve found that this really helps. In addition, watching French news regularly will definitely increase your vocabulary in other areas :-).

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